Providers of Choice

Vibol is Acting Centre Manager and Service Provider at a RESPOND-funded clinic in Cambodia. He has been working there for two years now. 

“I’m happy to work in a place that provides safe abortion services to women who would otherwise do it in unsafe and risky conditions,” he states.  

Vibol’s typical workday involves providing women with information about contraceptive methods, and offering male clients STI check-ups and general information about sexual and reproductive health. 

Enabling women to have choices ensures their safety. 

When asked about the importance of working for a place that provides access to choice, Vibol highlights the value of delivering a safe service to individuals who might otherwise seek risky and unsafe options.  

“It is important to empower women with choices, to prevent unsafe abortions. A recent client came to the clinic for an abortion procedure and was unaware of family planning options. During our consultation, I explained to her different contraception methods, helping her make a confident decision for her own health and to plan her future pregnancies better.” 

Our Responding with Essential SRHR Provision and New Delivery mechanisms (RESPOND) project is in partnership with IPPF, and aims to restore services, particularly to marginalised populations such as young people, people living in poverty, and those with disabilities. Funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, MSI Asia Pacific collaborates with members of the MSI global partnership to drive the implementation of RESPOND-funded initiatives in Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Pakistan