The global battle for reproductive rights on social media

Digital hate

Our report with the Centre for Countering Digital Hate finds that Meta and Google are blocking access to accurate information on abortion and wider reproductive healthcare in countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Looking at examples from MSI’s programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America, the report shows that: 
🚨 Meta is censoring accurate information on reproductive health and rights 

🚨 Meta is profiting from anti-abortion ads promoting false and misleading claims – these ads were seen up to 1 million times between 2019 and 2024 in Ghana and Mexico 

🚨 Meta is blocking content and taking down accounts for sharing information about abortion, contraception, cervical cancer and breast cancer awareness (including content from MSI accounts) 

Let's tell the big tech companies that WE

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At MSI, we know that access to accurate information on reproductive healthcare can be a lifeline. Responding to the report, our Global Marketing Manager, Whitney Chinogwenya, shared: 

“False information can only be corrected with facts and evidence, yet from Ghana to Nepal, Meta is removing our Facebook pages and ads with no explanation, while turning a blind eye to abusive messages directed at our team members for simply doing their jobs. And in our programmes in the Global South, Google does next to nothing about harmful websites advertising fake clinics that put women and girls at serious risk. We’re always firefighting the next issue, with no one to turn to but a chatbot.

Women and girls are being neglected by these major tech platforms who are putting their bottom lines above the public good. In the face of growing attacks on our rights and freedoms, it’s time for them to crack down on disinformation and support women to make the choices that are right for them, with genuine information they can trust.”

Critical information about reproductive health and abortion should not be censored – the impact on women’s health is too costly to ignore. We’re calling on Meta and Google to act.