Safeguarding Incident Procedure

At MSI, we take safeguarding seriously. Everyone has the right to protection from abuse and exploitation. We will not tolerate any form of abuse, harassment, or exploitation toward adults or children. Our Child Safeguarding Policy, Adult Safeguarding and Preventing Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH) Policy, and Safeguarding and Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Incident Reporting Procedure outlines the set of standards to which all MSIAP People will be held.

If you have witnessed, been informed of, or suspect that cases of abuse, exploitation or a breach of MSI’s Code of Conduct or Safeguarding Policies has occurred; or that there was or is an ongoing risk of danger to the safety and security of a client or staff member, we have four mechanisms to report safeguarding concerns. They are:

1. (For MSI staff) your manager, HR Manager or Country Director;

2. Via email to our Executive Officer, Merewyn Foran at, with “Confidential – Safeguarding” in the subject line

3. Our confidential Speak-Up service at, or by email at

All reports will  be treated in strict confidence. Please read our MSIAP Safeguarding and PSEAH Reporting Procedure document for more information.

Safeguarding Policies

MSIAP Safeguarding and PSEAH Policy

MSIAP Safeguarding and PSEAH Reporting Procedure

MSIAP Child Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct

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MSI Code of Conduct

MSIAP Privacy Policy

Speaking Up Policy