MSI works with people across Asia Pacific, providing sexual and reproductive healthcare, education and counselling.

Young people

Young people

Reaching young people is a key part of our approach.

Strengthening public health systems

We work with existing health systems to ensure women, girls and families can access sexual reproductive healthcare.

Strengthening public health systems
Rural and remote communities

Rural and remote communities

Outreach is our most effective way of reaching the millions of people who still don’t have access to contraception.

How we helped in 2020

Despite 2020 being a year of unprecedented challenges, today there are 32.6 million women around the world who can continue on their chosen path knowing they are being protected from an unintended pregnancy by a contraceptive method provided by us.


people using a contraceptive method provided by us


23,000 unsafe abortions averted


unintended pregnancies averted


maternal deaths averted

What We Do
Women have more responsibilities at home than men, so they struggle to take time off and travel to a clinic to avail these services. Some women do not have money or do not know where to go even if they want to seek family planning services.
Nurse Anita, Nepal

How you can help

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Just $60 can protect a couple in Papua New Guinea from unintended pregnancy for a whole year.

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