We provide the reproductive choices people need to determine their own futures

Reproductive choice changes lives, and it saves lives too. Yet around the world, 257 million women want to be using contraception but have no access, and 35 million are forced to resort to an unsafe abortion every year, because they can’t access safe care.

We’re working to change this. In 2023, together with donors, governments, civil society, and grassroots organisations, our local teams supported 23.3 million people with their reproductive healthcare — more than ever before. 

Our priority projects, delivered with our key partners, made this impact possible. By delivering healthcare, with a focus on those with little to no prior access, training public and private sector providers, and advocating for change so that everyone has reproductive rights, we are transforming access for the next generation. 

Learn about our projects to build a world where everyone has reproductive choice. 

What we do

We keep our clients at the centre of everything we do, tailoring our services and approach accordingly. We reach our clients through a range of channels, including centres in urban settings and outreach teams for rural or remote clients.

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Our projects

We work on a range of projects across the region, including menstrual health, addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and supporting public health systems.

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Where we work

MSI provides contraception and safe abortion services to millions of women and families across the world. Visit our global website to learn more.

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