Global impact in 2022

In 2022, MSI saw unprecedented demand for sexual and reproductive health and rights globally. We were proud to work with partners to support more people with their reproductive choices than ever before.

MSI supported 21.1 million people to access healthcare across 37 countries. That’s 85,000 clients supported with reproductive choice every day. We estimate that these services prevented more than 14.6 million unintended pregnancies and 7.2 million unsafe abortions, saving the lives of 42,600 women.

We reached millions often left behind by healthcare systems. Over 70% of our contraceptive services were delivered to underserved communities and 2 million of our clients were adolescents – a group often excluded from sexual and reproductive healthcare, but for whom we have tailored programmes, ensuring young people can determine their own futures. Our teams also worked to protect access to women’s healthcare in humanitarian settings, including Afghanistan and Myanmar.

What we do

We keep our clients at the centre of everything we do, tailoring our services and approach accordingly. We reach our clients through a range of channels, including centres in urban settings and outreach teams for rural or remote clients.

What we do

Our projects

We work on a range of projects across the region, including menstrual health, addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and supporting public health systems.

Where we work

MSI provides contraception and safe abortion services to millions of women and families across the world. Visit our global website to learn more.

Where we work
Our Impact
Women have more responsibilities at home than men, so they struggle to take time off and travel to a clinic to avail these services. Some women do not have money or do not know where to go even if they want to seek family planning services.
Nurse Anita, Nepal

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