Repurposing Caravans with Purpose

How a caravan is changing young lives with reproductive choice to girls in Zambia

The MSI Zambia team has many approaches to providing girls with essential reproductive services and education in rural areas.


‘The Caravan’ is one of them. Old caravans are repurposed into one-stop youth sexual reproductive health clinics on wheels. As it’s mobile, the team are able to reach communities that can’t go to public facilities. The caravans are repurposed into two rooms, one is the service delivery room and one is a counselling space.

53.4% of the population of Zambia are young people, so a primary focus of MSI Zambia is providing high quality sexual reproductive services to young people.

At the mobile clinics, adolescent peer educators re available to talk to teens about contraception and family planning.

The caravan sites are seeing so much demand in the area, the team are looking to get more caravans to service even more teens across the country.