New medical imaging and laboratory services take off in Papua New Guinea

Imagine a world where healthcare services are not just comprehensive but also incredibly convenient. MSI Papua New Guinea is turning that vision into reality, making laboratory and medical imaging services more accessible than ever. No longer will clients need external referrals – it’s all under one roof.

Anthony Nagul, MSI PNG’s External Relations Director, is excited about this transformative shift. He believes that this diverse service offering will not only cater to the growing demand for affordable and high-quality imaging services but also redefine healthcare accessibility in Papua New Guinea.

In a momentous ceremony, Angelyn Famudi, MSI Papua New Guinea’s Country Director, and Merewyn Foran, MSI Asia Pacific’s Executive Officer (pictured above), came together to officially introduce these groundbreaking services. Angelyn emphasized their close collaboration with the Government of Papua New Guinea through the National Department of Health, ensuring that positive approaches to modern Family Planning mothods are taken with public and private health workers trained to meet the demand for services.

The Port Moresby center has always prioritized sexual reproductive health services, and today marks a significant step as they expand their range to include medical imaging and laboratory services as part of their service range.

The credit for this achievement goes to the Australian Government’s support through the PNGAus partnership. At the launch event, Australian High Commission Health Secretary, Anna Gilchrist, expressed her enthusiasm for supporting the clinic’s service expansion. This transformation makes the Port Moresby clinic a one-stop destination for a wide range of essential health services, ensuring a healthier future for clients.