Why I donate: Sally

My own experience having a termination in Australia led me to become a financial supporter of MSI Asia Pacific.  

I can distinctly remember sitting in the clinic before the procedure feeling so fortunate that I was able to access this life saving healthcare. I was just lucky to be able to afford the procedure and have it available as a choice for me. The decision to have a termination is complex and heavy enough on its own without worrying about the many barriers that women all over the world face accessing this service. Despite it being a challenging day emotionally, I felt enormous relief after the procedure and a deep knowledge that I had made the right decision for me. But when I think back on that day, I really just remember feeling so incredibly grateful to access the care I needed and that feeling has stayed with me over the years.  

I had always been fiercely pro-choice, but my personal experience of accessing an abortion gave me a renewed appreciation for the importance of the work that MSI Asia Pacific does. It broke my heart to realise that so many women and girls throughout the world for a variety of reasons have limited access to the same sexual and reproductive healthcare that I did. And it’s even more awful to see in 2023 in some countries, that these rights are being wound back.  

This is why I will continue to donate what I can to support MSI Asia Pacific throughout my life. I really admire the work they do to improve lives, often under difficult circumstances. I believe that donating to such a worthy cause is something tangible I can do to assist the journey for those women and girls whose access to this life changing care is challenging through no fault of their own.  

I also view my donations as a way of paying forward the excellent care and compassion that I received when I needed it most. I really encourage you to consider supporting this incredibly important cause. 

– Sally, New South Wales