Supporting women and their families in Pakistan 

Durnaz is 29 years old and lives in Pakistan. Her family could not afford to educate her, and life was expensive. To ease the burden on her family, Durnaz married at an early age. Unfortunately, her new husband was even more financially constrained. He worked as a tuk tuk driver, but didn’t own his own motorbike, and after paying the rent on the motorbike there was barely enough money left to feed their family. Without knowledge of long-term contraception methods, Durnaz gave birth to four children in quick succession, two of whom have special needs. As the family grew, their financial situation got worse.

With the backing of the Australian Government Foreign Affairs and Trade through the RESPOND project, MSS Pakistan was supported to reach out to women like Dinaz. A healthcare worker from MSS Pakistan visited Dinaz and her husband at home. She talked the couple through their options and they chose a long-term method of contraception. Dinaz and her husband now have more control over their family size and are grateful for the visit and information.

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