Sophie’s story

Sophie Cliffy first heard about Marie Stopes in 2017 from her sisters who had implants from the MS Goroka clinic. 

She currently has six children aged from 5 months to 16 years.  

“It’s hard to pay for school fees and it’s difficult to provide food for the children. I’m always stressed about it.” 

“My husband is very supportive. He tried to bring in an income but he’s also illiterate. He gardens and hawks things.” 

Sophie had complications with her last birth so came to a Marie Stopes outreach clinic for an implant.

She also wanted family planning advice as she has many children and they are not well spaced. Her youngest are 3, 2 and 5 months. 

 After her first three children, she had the pill and injections, but could no longer make it to the hospital regularly to keep them up to date. She tried the rhythm method but it didn’t work after a while. 

She’s pleased that Marie Stopes will give her a proper check-up before giving her an implant.  

“I’m happy because Marie Stopes makes things clear. They have blown away a cloud.

“People used to think that Marie Stopes was there to stop you having children. Now I know Marie Stopes is here to help us space the children and for our health and family’s well-being too.” 

 “They cleared up my misconceptions. For example, I thought that injections and implants dried up the womb.” 

“I expect the implant will make me healthier. I won’t have to stress about having another child. I’ll have more time to garden and help my husband.”