Over 1000 workers in northern Vietnam receive free reproductive health counselling and exams

Thái Nguyên is a city of 420,000 people in northern Vietnam, including over 230,000 people who work in factories and other industries.

In April each year, Vietnam celebrates Workers’ Month.

Organised by the Thái Nguyên Provincial Federation of Labor, a ceremony to launch the week was held in the last week of April, with over 1000 workers attending, as well as a representative from DFAT, First Secretary, Development Cooperation, Majdie Hordern.

With the support of the RESPOND project, MSI Vietnam (known locally as Dr Marie) provided reproductive health counselling and exams for 700 workers and 400 members of the labor union over two days. The free service included a gynaecological exam and counselling, and an early screening test for cervical cancer. The workers also received a giveaway pack with shampoo and feminine hygiene products thanks to support from various brands.

During May, the Dr Marie clinics with the support of RESPOND, provided sexual and reproductive health information to another 1800 workers in Thái Nguyên as well as services to a further 1500 workers.