Journalists in PNG speak up about the importance of family planning

A radio station journalist from FM100, Zebedi Giame (pictured above), thanked MSI PNG for bringing together journalists who can support the organisation by spreading awareness to people in need of the services we provide. “It’s highly important we know about family planning and spacing our children,” he told the audience.

National newspaper journalist Gloria Bauai, who also attended the session, said that everyone should be vocal about sexual and reproductive health within their families and schools at an early age.

“We should at least have a conversation about family planning with our little families, within schools and our peers,” she said. “Parents should feel free and confident to talk to their children about family planning, sexual reproductive health, and how to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections.”

MSI PNG Evaluation and Monitoring Manager, Adolf Kot – who officially opened the event – said MSI PNG works with the Papua New Guinea Government and other stakeholders to ensure that all clients can access affordable services.

“The focus of the services is to improve the maternal health and wellbeing of women, girls, and families, and to decrease maternal mortality,” Kot said. “Our centres will soon be diversifying its services to cater for women’s wellbeing at all their life stages (from menstruation to menopause) and continue to support families in Papua New Guinea to have children by choice and not chance.”