Son Say clinic, Cambodia

Ensuring access to essential healthcare during the pandemic

Like Australia, Cambodia has experienced lockdowns and travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected people’s incomes and access to healthcare.

Sonisay works at the market in Phnom Penh, selling clothes. She has a 15-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter.

The pandemic has affected Sonisay’s income at the market, and it was proving hard to make ends meet for the family, as her husband’s income is minimal. After a consultation at the Marie Stopes Cambodia Sen Sok clinic, Sonisay decided to get an IUD. “I think access to sexual and reproductive health services are very important,” she said.

She has been a client of Marie Stopes Cambodia for 15 years, since the birth of her son. Sonisay has been happy with the services she has received and has recommended the clinic and its services to many friends.