An MSI Lady names Durga treks in the Himalaya carrying a backpack of family planning supplies

This holiday season, help our teams go further

In Nepal, our intrepid MSI Ladies – specialist family planning nurses who work in their local communities – trek through mountains, rivers and rural villages to reach clients.

Durga is an MSI Lady who travels on foot through Nepal’s mountains, bringing family planning services to remote communities who would otherwise have no access to modern sexual and reproductive health care.  

‘In this remote area, I am the only one offering family planning to women. I go from door to door in every village to bring health education to the people.’ 

She reaches women like Jun Devi, who has a contraceptive implant provided by an MSI-trained family planning nurse who visits her community.

‘I use the implant because having too many children can damage my health, and I cannot give a third child food, clothes and education because we are in a bad financial situation. It used to be difficult to get family planning services here. The health post is two or three days away. But now I feel lucky that you bring family planning to our home.’ 

Without access to modern contraception, women in these communities often resort to unsafe abortion, taking herbal medicines that can result in dangerous complications.  


In Nepal, only 44% percent of women have access to a modern form of contraception. Women in remote communities have even less access family planning services, which can lead to serious ongoing health and wellbeing implications.  

Providing access to family planning is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve women’s health, drive women’s economic development and reduce poverty.  

This holiday season, your donation can reach women like Asha, an MSI Lady in Rukum, Nepal. “It is monsoon,” she said. “Landslides and floods are normal in this season. I am still travelling. Crossing the high tide rivers and reaching women with family planning and abortion care.  

It’s my work that motivates me to work even harder. I am satisfied when I provide services to women who need it in rural Nepal.”