Celebrating the progress that is being made worldwide 

In the light of Roe v Wade being overturned and reproductive rights going backwards in the US, today we would like to highlight some of the progress that has been made in our region.

Read on for stories about law reform in South Australia, training for providers in crucial health services in the Asia Pacific, and a new information sharing platform in Nepal.

Australia: Abortion to be decriminalised in South Australia

On 7 July 2022, the Termination of Pregnancy Act 2021 became law in South Australia.

The new laws finally see abortion removed from South Australia’s criminal laws, leaving Western Australia the only state in Australian that has not properly decriminalised abortion.

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Abortion to finally be decriminalised in SA


Nepal: Increasing young people’s access to accurate information about sex and contraception

In Nepal, the youth centric “Rockets and Space” initiative is a platform where sex can demystified and safe sex promoted. Supported by the Australian Government and MSI Nepal, the initiative provides information about relationships, contraception, pregnancy, sexual health and many other topics via a webpage and Facebook. The facebook page now has over 145,000 followers and the high profile of the platform has made a huge difference to the amount of people calling the MSI Nepal contact centre for information. In 2014, the call centre received 400 calls a year. Now the centre received over 200,000 calls a year for information and to be referred to services.

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Increasing capacity to provide lifesaving post-abortion care in the Asia Pacific region 

Five health providers from MSI Timor-Leste and MSI Papua New Guinea have recently completed post-abortion care training in Nepal. All five received certification they are meeting level one competency – the highest level. This means they can administer medication to stop post-partum haemorrhage, are able to provide surgical care for incomplete miscarriages, and can provide surgical care for women who have sought abortion from unsafe providers.

If you’re interested to learn more about how MSI service providers are fighting for choice in the face of Roe v Wade, please read 5 women fighting for choice in the face of Roe v Wade. This includes women in Cambodia and Nepal within Asia Pacific region.