Anita’s story

Anita Dahal is a long-acting contraception nurse at MSI Nepal. Her Anita’s typical week consists of site identification and planning, coordination with local health posts, District Heath Offices and community leaders, scheduling mobile camps, managing and providing field services, equipment preparation, store management and field reporting.

“Women have more responsibilities at home than men, so they struggle to take time off and travel to a clinic to avail these services. Some women do not have money or do not know where to go even if they want to seek family planning services,” says Sister Anita.

“Our mobile camps reach these kind of clients. Sometimes we walk hours to reach our sites. But the work is very satisfying because we are reaching women who really need our services.”

Sister Anita observes that most Nepali women spend half their lives caring for their children and family. They have no time for themselves. By spacing the birth of their children, they can take better care of their children and themselves. Many women would probably not use these services were it not for the mobile camps that Sister Anita runs with her colleagues.