Why I donate to MSI

Why I donate to MSI

While I give to charity regularly, I haven’t given to MSI before. But after remembering their work, I searched on the internet and donated online – an easy process.

MSI’s work first touched my heart 30 years ago in Ethiopia, when I worked in Addis Ababa in 1991. I had a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old and Fanus helped me in the house. She was the breadwinner in her family as her husband had lost his job in the turmoil that was Ethiopia at war with Eritrea and Tigray. Fanus had a daughter in preschool and was using contraception, but became pregnant.

She wished to access the Marie Stopes clinic and I helped her financially with the fee that was required since she had a job. I was very impressed by this organisation – still operating in the war-torn country – offering the full suite of family planning services where poverty and traditional beliefs were a barrier. Having a choice gave Fanus and her family a chance of a better life.

Previously, I had worked in Bolivia and Papua New Guinea in the 1980s. I encountered women who were desperate for advice on how to avoid unwanted pregnancies. They asked me; it was hard feeling so powerless to help.

It is exciting to learn more about MSI and their work. I’m heartened to know that MSI has had services in Bolivia since 1994.

MSI has moved to the top of my list of worthwhile charities. If you want your giving to be effective, consider MSI – I can vouch for it.

Helen Parsons
South Australia