The MSI Reproductive Choices global partnership is built on the views of our founders Tim Black CBE, Jean Black and Phil Harvey, who believed that by providing high-quality, client-centred care they could support women to pursue the future of their choice – on their terms.  Since 1976, we have delivered sexual and reproductive healthcare services to over 145 million women.  

Today, and every single day, we’re supporting the reproductive choices of another 80,000+ people across six different continents, with access to contraception, abortion and life-saving post-abortion care. And we’re incredibly proud to do it. 

In 2022, over 35 million women and girls worldwide use a method of contraception provided by us. In 2022, our global services prevented 14.6 million unintended pregnancies, 7.2 million unsafe abortions and 42,600 maternal deaths. But our work is far from over.    

Since 2004, the support office for the Pacific Asia region, based in Melbourne, was known as Marie Stopes International Australia, and has been providing vital funding support to the global partnership. 

In 2021, we changed our name to MSI Asia Pacific – a new name to represent the region we are located in, and in line with MSI Reproductive Choices global partnership.