World Contraception Day

Monday 26 September 2022 is World Contraception Day.

Seni Kua is from Hila village in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. As her husband and family rely on their garden for food, some days there is not enough to eat so they make sure the children eat first. Sometimes Seni and her husband go without meals. Having access to family planning through MSI has made a huge difference to Seni’s life.

Before MSI visited her village, Seni had her children quite close together. Seni was aware of family planning options, but didn’t have time to visit the local health clinic as she was busy caring for her children. This changed when MSI visited her village. The convenience meant she chose to get an implant as a contraception method. “With the implant in place, I don’t have to worry about falling pregnant again. I know my life will be a lot easier than before,” said Seni.

She is now able to choose her own future. “I am happy because now my children can grow up properly and go to school then I can decide to have another baby or get a new implant.”

MSI’s mission is children by choice, not chance. A woman’s right to choose the number, timing and spacing of her children is fundamental. Access to contraception has significant benefits to women, their families and communities. When women can access contraception, unintended pregnancies and abortions decrease. Girls and women who can plan their families have more opportunities to realize their potential; they can pursue education and participate in and contribute to the economy, leading to more prosperous, stable and equitable societies.

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