MSI comment on leaked Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court document

Responding to the leaked Supreme Court document on the Roe Vs. Wade judgment, published by news outlet Politico, Sarah Shaw, MSI Reproductive Choices’ Head of Advocacy said:

“The draft report leaked to Politico is not an official decision and abortion remains legal in the United States. However, if it stands it would be the biggest setback to women’s rights in the US in a generation and deeply concerning for global reproductive rights.

“Roe vs Wade has been transformative for American women, bringing abortion out of the backstreets. Evidence shows that restrictive laws don’t reduce the number of abortions, they just make them less safe, and it’s the poorest and most marginalised communities that are worst affected. Each year, 25 million women around the world resort to dangerous and unsafe methods. At MSI, our teams worldwide witness and deal with the terrible consequences of this every day. No one should be seeking to replicate this situation in the US. The right to choose must be protected.”

Photo credit: Unsplash/Gayatri Malhotra