Francisca’s story

At a busy urban clinic in Dili, new parents Francisca and Joao are bringing their firstborn daughter, still only 6 weeks old, for her first round of vaccinations. The young couple have big dreams for their daughter, so used the opportunity to also begin using a family planning method.  

“There was a discussion within the home before we came,” Joao said. His parents, who the couple live with, encouraged them to start using a family planning method to help improve the lives of their young family. “Neither of us work, so they said we should come and get family planning method so we can start looking for a better life”. 

“We want our daughter to go to school and be older before she has a sibling,” added Francisca.  

Francisca received an implant from a trained Marie Stopes Timor-Leste midwife at a Ministry of Health Community Health Centre in Timor-Leste’s capital, Dili. It is through this partnership that Marie Stopes Timor-Leste is able to provide access to a comprehensive range of family planning methods for those most in need, free of charge.  

“The midwives are really great. They don’t speak to us harshly, they speak really nicely, spoil us with care and love, I’m really happy” said Francisca.  

When asked about their plans for the future, the couple said they’re looking to start a small business. “We want to start a business and sell things in the market,” Francisca said. With the couple now able to plan their family, their future is already looking brighter.