During #ChoiceWeek, we have a clear goal: #BreakTheBarriers that prevent women and girls from accessing reproductive choice


Choice Week runs from Monday 25th September – Friday 29th September and is all about the transformative power of reproductive choice.

September 26 is World Contraception Day 2023 and September 28 is International Safe Abortion Day 2023

World Contraception Day was launched with the vision that everyone who wants access to contraception can get it, by raising awareness of contraceptive options. International Safe Abortion Day was launched to campaign for global abortion rights, so that no abortion is unsafe and everyone has access to this essential healthcare.

This year’s campaign centers around the diverse ways in which individuals experience access to choice. Our invitation to everyone is to contribute to breaking the barriers and stigmas surrounding conversations about contraception and safe abortion, and empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

To celebrate the transformative power of reproductive choice we want to invite everyone to share their stories and #BreakTheBarriers on social media to help us reach our goal.

How can you join our campaign?

Donate, share your story or bust myths!

1.Tackling stigma: What’s your journey to choice? 

Everyone’s journey to choice starts differently, and we want to hear yours! During #WorldContraceptionDay let’s #BreakTheBarriers and share how access to contraception can empower us to take control of our bodies and futures.

2. Information is power: Safe abortion factsheet

Did you know that an abortion procedure is safer than childbirth when performed by professional healthcare providers?

For #InternationalSafeAbortionDay we want to bust some myths and #BreakTheBarriers by fighting misinformation with facts. 

Download the fact sheet here

3. Help us reach our goal

Even a small donation of $50 can contribute to reach our goal of $10,000 which will provide a rural community with a safe provider nurse and their materials kit.